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Interview with YoungRepublicans.tv

Check out my interview with YoungRepublicans.tv! I met up with Ryan Dixon, the founder of YoungRepublicans.tv via Twitter. He’s got a great website up featuring video chats with young, conservative movement leaders from across the nation.

Make sure to follow the link to read more info, including a detailed bio and more interviews with the best and brightest of our future political leaders and activists.

Follow YoungRepublicans.tv on Twitter.

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I love this political iChatting!



Wow, Chandler. That was great. You were very well spoken. I’m glad to know the future of our party is safe in your hands.


great interview. I liked what you said said about conservatives not being the party of “no.” also I agree that it is not crucial to have a “leader” in the party right now-I mean look at Obama–I didn’t hear of him at all til just before elections began.




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Interview with YoungRepublicans.tv
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