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A New and Civil Discourse

For those of you just visiting for the first time, this is it: the first inaugural post dating back to January 20, 2009, Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day. Since then, so much has changed (and we’re not talking Obama-style “change” here). One thing has remained the same, however, and that is our commitment to fresh and vibrant political analysis that keeps its head above the fray but always manages to keep its feet on the ground.

Although we’re playing around with the old content, some of it will forever be lost to the ages like a distant memory. I want this memory to be at the forefront, though, as we remember why Whatever is Right was created in the first place. Read on…

Welcome to a new era…

It’s an age of many firsts for all of us, especially those of us here at Whatever is Right. This day is a historic day, and not just because it’s our first official day on the worldwide web. On this day, America has a new president.

Today is a good day, and not just because the latest and greatest political analysis this side of the dot-com has arrived to take the blogosphere by storm ;). Today, we stand witness to the greatness of America and all its glory. We knew this day would come, but it has come — magnificently so.

Now, wait just a minute, you might say. I thought this was a conservative website… Fear not, dear readers: it is. And I am, and always will be first and foremost, a conservative. But even I must acknowledge the momentous nature of this occasion, this inauguration, for what it truly is: remarkable.

By the blood, sweat, and tears of black slaves our nation’s capital was built. And today, two hundred thirty-three years later, a black man will ascend to the highest office in our great land; Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States.

On paper, we are enemies, Obama and I — enemies of party, of principle, and of ideology. But, with you as my witness, let me make it known clearly, succinctly, and proudly: Barack Obama is my president. Our president. And so, for the next four years, I will oppose him as necessary and challenge him as needed, but I will not — not — stoop to the deplorable level of those persons who, for the past eight years, chose not to merely criticize our former president but to crucify him in the square of public opinion.

It is my hope and prayer that this blog, this website, will foster the sort of high-minded debate that has most sorely been missing from the past eight years. So, I ask you to join me as a reader, as a commentator, as a political analyst yourself, and as an American to get involved in your future. For us at Whatever is Right, the future starts right here.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

Enough said. Stay tuned…

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Its time for battle (with brains instead of weapons)

Two most important things to be proposed in the first 6 months:

1.$1 Trillon dollars of economic “stimulus”, or as I like to call it: “money we do not have”.

Goal: Eliminate as much pork as possible. Defeating it is unlikely, but whittiling down as much as possible is crucial for morale.

2. Nationalized Healthcare

Goal: MUST NOT HAPPEN AT ALL COSTS. If this passes, it will never get repealed, regardless of how broke it is e.g. Social Security. I expect there to be some honest kicking and screaming over this one.

Good point. Unfortunately, Bush tried to fix Social Security and got nowhere because the way of a democracy is to take drastic action only when precipitated by a crisis. I’d say that there is an entitlement crisis, but because people don’t take it that seriously, I’m afraid you’re right; we can’t afford (literally) to have state-sponsored healthcare. It will be the economic death of us for sure.


Unfortunately, I don’t think a good day is one where the steps to partial birth abortion will become legalized again among other things. I just can’t see it that. Historic, yes. Good, no.


With the economy in its current state, I can’t imagine socialized healthcare becoming a serious issue in Obama’s first term, and especially the first six months. One of Obama’s strengths is supposed to be his willingness to listen to others, and I doubt that there are many serious economists who believe that a large spending venture such as healthcare would be a good idea. Otherwise, in the words of the great CHANDLER EPP, “it will be the economic death of us for sure”.

Nice post and nice site. I look forward to following you and staying in touch.


I agree with Sasha. It was a momentous day, but there is far too much uncertainty about the values and ideals of our new president for it to be considered a “good” day.


There can be no doubt that those who disagreed with President Bush vilified him to a degree that no president before him endured. President Bush, however, did not return evil for evil. He practiced his faith and walked the talk in the midst of unspeakable attacks on his personage. We are called to do the same. When President Obama lifts the ban on partial birth abortion/stem cell research we must speak out against it, but we must never lower ourselves to defaming him, mock him, or insult him or his intelligence.




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