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If you’re reading this, well, then congratulations. You’ve made it.

Welcome, dear reader, to Whatever Is Right, a political blog that features fresh, intelligent and independent political analysis from a conservative-leaning perspective. The site was begun in earnest on Inauguration Day 2009 (“the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”), and has steadily managed to creep its way into the blogostream of political consciousness (or so we’d like to think).

At any rate, Whatever Is Right was founded with its eye and its aim on that most elusive of political properties: the truth. The blog takes its bi-faceted moniker from Philippians 4:8 with that very attribute in mind. Yes, truth: that attribute which goes too often ignored by the Washington world of party-line punditry, too often substituted for with focus-grouped, watered-down, ephemeral, incoherent nonsense. Pardon us for dreaming big, but we’re out to change all that (“yes, we can”??).

It is truth — in other words, whatever is right — that we seek to promote and dissect. It’s our aim to provide a new and missing perspective to a long and crowded roundtable; it is our hope that Whatever Is Right will become a lightning rod for fresh, original, and — key word here: — meaningful political debate.

Call us conservative, call us RINO, call us crazy, but let me assure you: we can and we will call it like we see it. Yes, that means that if Republicans screw up (as they are often prone to do), we’re going to let them know it and know it well. And that also means that if the Democrats blow it (as they most certainly will), we’ll lay into them just as hard (perhaps harder, but consider that beside the point).

You see, we at Whatever Is Right subscribe to no one set of political principles; we endorse solely the philosophy of truth and a reasoned, rational worldview. Good luck trying to pigeon-hole us politically… With influences like Peggy Noonan, Sean Hannity, David Brooks, and Michelle Malkin, doing so will only distract you and us from the matter most prominently at hand: whatever is right — what’s right for America and for the future.

So I implore you: read up. Discuss. Comment. Link. Debate. Spread the word. And let the sweet, civil, intelligent discourse begin…

Chandler Epp

(updated) 05.11.09


Chandler Epp is the founder and editor of Whatever Is Right. He is, by his own admission, “independent of thought, intellectual of mind, moderate in deed and conservative at heart.” In his free time, Chandler likes to read news online, and then read news some more, and then turn on FOX News for more news. His favorite cable news show is anything not on MSNBC. Chandler proudly bears the titles of “coward,” “hypocrite,” “moderate,” and “hopelessly deluded wingnut” bestowed upon him by the liberal nutroots, the far-right wingnuts, and the commenters on this very site.

Nathan Reily is a part-time contributing author for Whatever Is Right.



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