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And… We’re Back

Well, it's been a long summer to say the least. And as we spring into fall, the changing winds bring with them a rebirth of sorts for us here at Whatever is Right. Needless to say, you'll be noticing a few changes around here should you have had the honor ...

A New and Civil Discourse

For those of you just visiting for the first time, this is it: the first inaugural post dating back to January 20, 2009, Barack Obama's Inauguration Day. Since then, so much has changed (and we're not talking Obama-style "change" here). One thing has remained the same, however, and that is ...

Interview with YoungRepublicans.tv

Check out my interview with YoungRepublicans.tv! I met up with Ryan Dixon, the founder of YoungRepublicans.tv via Twitter. He's got a great website up featuring video chats with young, conservative movement leaders from across the nation. Make sure to follow the link to read more info, including a detailed bio and ...

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  • Hayley: great interview. I liked what you said said about conservatives not being the party of...
  • Caitlin: Wow, Chandler. That was great. You were very well spoken. I’m glad to know the...
  • Frances Fabian: Awesome.
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